Awaiting the TDF Peloton on Mont Ventoux, July 2013
Kev Wolff at the Southwater turn on the G25/45 Course
Paul Cloudsdale on the London Surrey 100
Iain Hawthorn on the Kwaremont - Tour of Flanders Sportif
Riders struggle up the 14% side of Toys Hill on the OPCC Reliability Ride
Reconnoitring the Duo Normand Course - Normandy
Dave Warne , Steve Avery, Peter Gray - Tour of Flanders Sportive
Interclub TT with South East Road Club - Polhill Circuit
Iain Hawthorn charges for the line at the Track Championships
Northern Jon pays homage to Tom on Mont Ventoux
Iain Hawthorn at Kent Cyclopark for SERRL Winter Series Criterium racing
John Mulvaney and Andy Green lead a cohort of Old Ports on Campolongo Pass
Paul Cloudsdale on Box Hill
OPCC End to End ride
Paul Cloudsdale at the bottom of Star Hill
John Mulvaney and Peter Gray cross the finish line in the Duo Normande

We are a friendly and long established cycling club based in South London between Croydon, Surrey and Bromley, Kent. Find out more here

Come and ride with us. A good way to get to know the club is to come out on one of our weekend bike rides typically through the lanes of Kent and Surrey. We actively encourage new riders and those returning to cycling who would like to ride with an organised group where the emphasis is on friendship.

On Saturdays we have our 'Social' ride for riders of all abilities. To give you some expecations the average speed on a Saturday is around 12-14 mph and always includes a cafe stop for refreshments, butties and banter with a ride distance of around 25-30 miles. On Sundays we go a little further (50 - 60 miles) and a touch faster, expect an average between 15-16mph, but nobody gets left behind. See the relevant pages for the planned club rides and meeting point.

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22 November, 09:30

Saturday Club Ride
Meet at the roundabout at the bottom of Corkscrew Hill, West Wickham, BR4 9BB at 10:15 to 10:30am for a leisurely ride of about 30 miles with cafe stop en route.

Average speed is likely to be 12-14 mph.

Ride open to members and non-members.

Web page: [ Click for more details ]

13 December, 09:30

Saturday Club Ride
Meet at the roundabout at the bottom of Corkscrew Hill, West Wickham, BR4 9BB at 10:15 to 10:30am for a leisurely ride of about 30 miles with cafe stop en route.

Average speed is likely to be 12-14 mph.

Ride open to members and non-members.

Web page: [ Click for more details ]

03 January, 09:30

Saturday Club Ride
Meet at the roundabout at the bottom of Corkscrew Hill, West Wickham, BR4 9BB at 10:15 to 10:30am for a leisurely ride of about 30 miles with cafe stop en route.

Average speed is likely to be 12-14 mph.

Ride open to members and non-members.

Web page: [ Click for more details ]

19 January, 19:00

Old Ports Club Night
A social meeting for Old Portlians CC Members. We meet in the clubroom of the Blackheath Harriers at 56 Bourne Way Hayes.

24 January, 09:30

Saturday Club Ride
Meet at the roundabout at the bottom of Corkscrew Hill, West Wickham, BR4 9BB at 10:15 to 10:30am for a leisurely ride of about 30 miles with cafe stop en route.

Average speed is likely to be 12-14 mph.

Ride open to members and non-members.

Web page: [ Click for more details ]

14 February, 09:30

Saturday Club Ride
Meet at the roundabout at the bottom of Corkscrew Hill, West Wickham, BR4 9BB at 10:15 to 10:30am for a leisurely ride of about 30 miles with cafe stop en route.

Average speed is likely to be 12-14 mph.

Ride open to members and non-members.

Web page: [ Click for more details ]

16 February, 19:00

Old Ports Club Night
A social meeting for Old Portlians CC Members. We meet in the clubroom of the Blackheath Harriers at 56 Bourne Way Hayes.

07 March, 09:30

Saturday Club Ride
Meet at the roundabout at the bottom of Corkscrew Hill, West Wickham, BR4 9BB at 10:15 to 10:30am for a leisurely ride of about 30 miles with cafe stop en route.

Average speed is likely to be 12-14 mph.

Ride open to members and non-members.

Web page: [ Click for more details ]

16 March, 19:00

Old Ports Club Night
A social meeting for Old Portlians CC Members. We meet in the clubroom of the Blackheath Harriers at 56 Bourne Way Hayes.

28 March, 09:30

Saturday Club Ride
Meet at the roundabout at the bottom of Corkscrew Hill, West Wickham, BR4 9BB at 10:15 to 10:30am for a leisurely ride of about 30 miles with cafe stop en route.

Average speed is likely to be 12-14 mph.

Ride open to members and non-members.

Web page: [ Click for more details ]

18 April, 10:30

Saturday Club Ride
Meet at the roundabout at the bottom of Corkscrew Hill, West Wickham, BR4 9BB at 10:15 to 10:30am for a leisurely ride of about 30 miles with cafe stop en route.

Average speed is likely to be 12-14 mph.

Ride open to members and non-members.

Web page: [ Click for more details ]


Autumn Eastbourne, the result
12 October

Well it was a great weekend. Sadly due to various circumstances a couple of the chaps could not make it.
However Friday morning arrived and six Old Ports arrived for the off, Alan, Vino, Deon, big J, Joe and me. Off we set via Crowhurst, Dormandsland, Holtye, Hartfield and the Ashdown. Where we had a bite to eat. We then headed off down to Maresfield, then through a little lumpy section via Waldron to Horam, then Hartfield, across the Pevensey levels to Eastbourne.................job done...........all in the dry!!
Now we had a absentee in the morning, Terry who was suffering from a possible bout of flu and post tattoo trauma managed after a good old sleep and the sun coming out to drive in his cab, in atrocious weather down to meet us...........good man!!

After an evening of complex carbohydrates and many protein rich foods we gathered outside the hotel on Saturday morning. 10.30am came for us to depart and at the same time torrential rain arrived!! Off we went, but by the time we got to the top of Beachy Head it had stopped. Coffee was had. Off we went again with the glorious but tricky descent. We arrived at Jevington quite early.........it isn't very far you see, this will be altered for future weekends. Grub was had and we were joined by Andy and Gary ( with his mankiny rear mudguard ), who had ridden up from home that morning. We left Jevington with basically more rain all over Beachy Head into Eastbourne.
After visiting the pier and poundshop more complex carbohydrates were consumed with grub, however the previous nights late night was replaced with a 21.30hrs bedtime retreat.

Sunday morning was dry, the group gathered for the obligatory photos, Terry took the bags....good man!! The wind however had totally turned around from Friday. Same route was undertaken, other than a couple of misunderstandings and three punctures we all got home ok, just infront of the rain.

I must mention a couple of outstanding efforts, that of Michael Howe who struggled up the hills going out and back but persevered. Joe Chittock was outstanding, I would suggest he has not ridden as many miles or climbs, ever!! Very well done young man, you did well!!

Spookily more complex carbohydrates were consumed and much more protein rich foods, however after Friday nights late bedtime, most people headed back to the hotel at 21.30 hrs.
Sunday morning eight OPs left, Terry ch more complex carbohydrates was consumed after visiting the pound shop of course, then more high protein foods.


Maidenhead & District H29/18 2up TTT
20 September
With a barrage of e-mails all week from the event organisers about course changes, road works, bad road surfaces and temporary traffic lights and using cycle paths it's a wonder we actually got to ride this one. All credit to Maidenhead & District for sticking with it and putting on a sporting 30mile TT course. There was plenty of headwind and gusts that seemed to come from all directions coupled with traffic (lots of traffic) as we negotiated town centers and unsighted left handers and taking to cycle paths to avoid road works (not fun when they’re covered in people, other riders and dogs!) - oh and they weren't kidding about the road surface, come back Crowhurst all is forgiven!!

Anyway, eight 2up TTT entered and the Old Ports had the most teams with Iain/Andy and Paul/Steve, with Bigfoot riders Kevin Grimshaw and Andy Ferry 2 minutes behind Paul and Steve - With Steve sporting his new speed weaponry wheels we rode hoping Kev and Andy didn't catch us - not only did Kev and Andy not pass us but we came in 2nd overall with Iain and Andy coming in 3rd.

Official timings:

Team Steve/Paul - 01:18:43 avg. 22.6mph - 2nd place
Team Iain/Andy - 01:20:40 avg. 21.9mph - 3rd place

All told an excellent ride and great practice for the Duo - the Old Ports were well represented with Andy and Iain flying the OPCC colours and doing us proud and Steve and Paul winning a little beer money :)

The winning time was by London Dynamo in 01:09:25 avg. 25.5.

Next stop - The Duo!
Paul Cloudsdale

E.Sussex 25TT G25/89E - the sporting one!
15 September

So this should have been back on the original and slightly less lumpy G25/89 but as everyone who rode this course for the first time two weeks ago enjoyed it so much East Sussex decided to use the 'E' course again - unfortunately this prompted quite a few DNS, I mean 8 and 9% climbs on a TT course - come on! Ignoring a rather cool and misty start three Old Ports drove over to Maresfield, the weather had cleared by 0630 and the morning promised to be rather pleasant - weather wise anyway! There was a slight tail wind on the A22 which made for a fast first 5-6 miles but once we got on the A272 the tables turned!

Anyway out of a field of 85 riders the Old Ports were:

Kevin Wolff - 1:02:40 - avg. 24mph
Steve Avery - 1:03:53 - avg. 23.6mph
Paul Cloudsdale - 1:08:38 - avg. 22mph

I was number 8 but as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 DNS I was the first man off and Kev's minute man was Conall Yates who pumped out a 55:43 - Kev you are forgiven for not catching your minute man :D

Well done to all the Old Ports that entered as everyone PB'd on previous times.

The fastest time was Steve Dennis with 55:01 at an avg. of 27.3mph beating the previous course record by 40s.

Paul Cloudsdale

LVRC Kentish Road Race
31 August
Kev Wolff & I entered Dulwich Paragon's 55.2m LVRC race yesterday, held on the challenging Brenchley circuit - basically 9 loops of a 6 mile route, of which 1 mile is up hill over a newly surfaced climb. The same course as last week which, for me, felt a race too far with very sore legs remaining for days afterwards.

My own view of entering the race was (a) it's longer than the Duo, therefore a third block of quality strength & endurance training and (b) surely it can't get worse. It did.

The A/B category was around 40 strong, same for C/D, not sure about the size of the EFHG group - A/B's set off two minutes ahead of C/D's with lead car and marshalls in place on the key corners. There was the usual upping of the pace within the first few hundred yards and an immediate attack of a lone rider. The peleton didn't react, as the headwind out of the second corner was much the same as last week and making it stick was going to be hard. I moved to the front before the climb, strategy being drift to the back by the top but still be in contact and repeat. About half way up the climb the inevitable drift started and the group split into two - no holding back at all today, even on the first loop.

I lost contact way too early, partly hoping one or two would also drift back and I'd end up in a small group working together for the rest of the race. Unfortunately this didn't happen until about 20 miles for me elapsed, even after the C/D group went through. A found two stragglers from the A/B and one C/D and we sat together until my legs had seriously gone - the other A/B pulling out and the C/D just rolling away from me.

Overall the conditions seemed a little tougher, average speeds were lower. I sat with the A/B breakaway that got quite some time on the main group (where Kev was I think) and felt it quite easy sitting with these guys on the flat - it's just going up that climb that was doing me in. But, as I say, great strength & endurance training and my legs are worse again today.

After 6 races in 17 days, I am well and truly knackered and now need to recover quite a bit.

Kev did bloody well again...getting into the break after bridging, very tough and he's getting stronger than before!
Iain Hawthorn

BEC CC Open 25 G25/53E
31 August
This was the postponed July event which got cancelled, a new course (another one!) was measured out and apparently approved in record time for a 120 strong field to complete. The course basiclly bumbles you round two 10 miles loops of the A24/A264/A2220 with a little bit of stuffing at either end to make the required 25, not quite death by roundabout but there were 26 or was it 27 of the bloody things! I'm told that the course didn't 'give' anything back which I think means that the steady drags up to the A2220 turn didn't rewarded you with fast returns due to a slight head wind with many Old Ports complaining they couldn't get 40mph let alone above it.

Anyway we had a good showing of 6 Old Ports

Dave Warne - 00:59:19 avg. 25.34mph
Steve Avery - 01:00:32 avg. 24.87mph
Hugh Pelling - 01:00:48 avg. 24.8mph
Paul King - 01:00:51 avg. 24.79mph
Paul Cloudsdale - 01:04:19 avg. 23.37mph
Andy Green - 01:04:52 avg. 23.25mph

The winners
Peter Tadros from InGear Quickvit Trainsharp rolled through with a 52:32 avg. 28.7mph - he didn't complain about not being able to do more than 40mph on the down section from the A2220!

Worth noting
Team Old Port came 3rd in the combined Fastest Team beaten to 2nd by Eastbourne Rovers by only 27 seconds, 1st place went to Crawley Wheelers.

Finally Steve Avery picked up 1st place for best improvement on LTS - well done Steve.

So, Warney was the fastest man on the day (well done), Steve got some money for something I don't really undestand (well done again), this was my fastest 25 ever and team Old Port put on a good show for overall 3rd - I guess it was worth getting up at 5:15 after all :lol:

Well done and congrats guys.
Paul Cloudsdale

LVRC Ingear Horsmonden Road Race
24 August
Roadworks caused a late change of course from the rolling Horsmonden circuit to the SERRL Brenchley loop with its single bas***d of a climb up Knowle road and it's hill top finish.

Messrs. Wolff and Hawthorn took to the starting line along with old Old Portlian, Mike James, who was riding for the hosts InGear Quickvit. A rolling start downhill with A,B group off at 10.00 , C/D's at 10:02 and the remainder at 10:04. After the turn into Churn lane the control car pulled and away and the race was on.

Oh the embarrassment, with only one lap down a break from the C/D group come hurtling up from behind shouting at the A/B's to keep left, the over 50 charge led by Rapha Condor's Bob Downs, a pro who stood on top of a podium multiple times in the 80's and shows no intention of slowing down.

Third lap down and a gap appeared on the climb where a contingent of eight of so riders put ten seconds into the bunch. Sitting at the back I didn't even see it go and by the time we crested they were well into the descent. That's the thing about the Brenchley course, a solo escapee on the climb needs to put thirty to forty seconds into the group or they will be closed down on the two mile descent to the next turn by a small peloton. A small break of five or more can increase the gap on the descent and then maintain and increase the gap. Once they hit the junction then they can disappear out of sight and out of mind.

A definite lack of cohesion in the peloton gap the break the advantage to stay away. Out of desperation I tried to bridge on the last lap, kicking out of the top of the climb with a gap that I managed to maintain for around three miles when I run out of steam and sat in ready for the up hill sprint. Not so much lack in the finish either getting boxed in and diverted temporarily onto the grass verge as a rider cut across me.

In summary, legs felt good but tactical blunders led to a missed opportunity to go with the break.

Back at the HQ there was the usual jovial attitude at accompanies LVRC events with banter and excuses in abundance. Chatting to a guy from Thornton Heath road club in the car park, he told me that he decided that when he got to sixty he'd do a road race (his first) and that was three years ago and he' still enjoying it. :D


Crowhurst Evening TT
21 August
The final event of the season saw a field of six rides start, the weather was blustery, cold and rain clouds were threatening. Dave M and Gary B decided to take a watching position and allowed 3 Ports to challenge 3 Bigfoot riders for nights honour.
1st Kevin Grimshaw 30.47
2nd Steve Avery 32.08 6 points
3rd Paul King 33.35 5 points
4th Paul Cloudsdale 34.34 4 points
5th Rachael Haley 39.23
6th Dave Churchill DNF.
Time keeper Mike G. Pusher off Den M ( thanks to both for their support)
The normal post race banter included the follow comments; Dave C declaring he had already ridden 86 miles, the two Paul`s discussing their dual on the 2nd lap, Rachael having ridden her bike with the front brake engaged. Kevin claiming to have had two perfect laps but was no faster than his previous effort, and for me a dropped chain on the 2nd lap. TT would not be the same without this. The evening finished with some good food and beer at the local pub.

Steve Avery

Hog Hill Crit/LVRC - Race Report
21 August

I haven't been back to Hog Hill since last year, using it back in September 2013 as a first real foray back into bunch racing and seeing how it felt.

If it isn't already obvious, the addiction hit me immediately and pretty much driven my 2014 to avoid TT's and get stuck into the adrenaline & risk of the Road.

Last night was the last of an evening series and I was too late to get into the Olympic Park Cat 4 Crit on Wednesday, so ventured over the Dartford Bridge and down the A13 to do battle with the characters that seem to have infinite experience over my determination. The start time was 18:00 and the weather looking ominous; about 25 A/B/C/D riders signed on, with about the same E/F/G/H as far as I could tell. The race set for 1 hour + 3 laps of the 1.1km lower circuit.

The lower circuit is blessed with two fast sweeping corners and a slightly more technical up hill left hander that needs power applied extremely quickly to stay in - get that wrong and your elastic stretches over and over. My warm up was OK, but Sunday's 52m LVRC road race was still in the heart & legs - not feeling overly 'spritely' in reality.

When the race kicks off, you always really feel better than you imagine - your heart rate goes up and your system adjusts to the strength needed to race.

I stayed in for 40 minutes, but mis-timed a huge attack of 5 riders to catch two that previously went off the front (one of which is ex-pro and GB rider Antony Wallis - who won on Sunday by 5 mins (remember the orange skin-suited monster - Kev found out who he is)). I got caught out by 3 riders that went up my inside and caught the 5 - leaving me with a small group that for love nor money just couldn't bridge the gap. We lapped the EFGH Group twice and Antony caught the ABCD and went past them twice I think - so so strong, god knows how he does at at what must be 14 stone.

Anyway, my legs & heart rate had just had enough at about 55 mins and I ended up about 2 minutes back I think - some ABCD's behind me but not many I fear.

Great fun, a little sprinkle of rain, but even the tougher guys reported that it was hard - wind was a big factor in two places and I was fairly happy with over 23mph average in that.

Onto Horsmonden with Kev this Sunday - 55.2m lumpy against the monsters!

Iain Hawthorn

Eastbourne Rovers CC 'Sporting' 25 TT G25/89E
17 August
It would have been all too easy for ERCC to cancel this event when first hearing that road works would stop us racing on the Halland stretch of the A22, but a new course was planned. The new course was some what 'harder' than the original course, coupled with a 15mph head wind made the 8% climb at Anchor Hill hell! Ignoring the wind the weather stayed dry if overcast.

Anyway out of a field of 100 riders six Old Ports entered:

Hugh Pelling - DNS
Jon Gough - DNS
Ian Bashford - 1:04:06 - avg. 23.4mph placed 29th
Dave Warne - 1:05:02 - avg. 23mph placed 31st
Steve Avery - 1:05:41 - avg. 22.9mph placed 35th
Paul Cloudsdale - 1:08:44 - avg. 21.9mph placed 47th

Well done to all the Old Ports that entered and especially to Bash who so likes those hills ;) - Bash also rode the ERCC 10 on Saturday in a very respectable 24:15.

The winning time was 55:51 by Steve Kane at an avg. of 27mph, a very respectable time on a testy lumpy course in less than ideal conditions.
Paul Cloudsdale

LVRC Southern Road Race Championships
17 August
While others were honing fitness for the Duo by headbanging on the newly created G25/89E, messrs. Hawthorne and Wolff were attempting to put racing miles into the legs on what was a riot of a course that consisted of six laps of an eight mile circuit around the wilds of Essex (the locale of Chelmsford to be a little bit more precise, check out Strava for the course http://www.strava.com/activities/181421990 ).

Upon arrival at Tipps Cross memorial hall the air was filled with jovial banter and the heady aroma of embrocation. These LVRC affairs are much more relaxed then BC events where the modus operandi is to pysche out your opponents while looking focused and ready for business. Our only comment on our fellow riders was their girth (thighs and stomach) and in paticular one chubby fellow in an orange skin suit who looked liked he had to have it painted on.

A brisk day with a strengthing westerly wind that could make a difference in a bunch sprint as the last mile was directly into the wind.

So off we go with a rolling start of six laps. The normal road race behaviour kicked in as soon as the pace car pulled away with the first twenty minutes a manic pace including serious of surges and attacks which saw a two distinct breaks in the peloton. My own complete lack of experience coming to fore as I jumped on the first lap only to be reeled in pretty quickly by the main bunch. After the first lap the pace receeded somewhat with a few surges to make things interesting.

Approaching the end of the second lap a strung out peloton entered a wooded area where myself and Iain were happily wheel sucking towards the end of the bunch and I was sitting just behind and to the left of Iain when I noticed a shadow on the other side of the road in my peripheral vision. I remember thinking it must have been a car but I don't recall hearing or seeing it approaching. That thought was instanty followed by a clatter of metal on tarmac, a sound road racers know can only be a crash in a fast moving peloton. Looking over my shoulder, all the riders behind me had gone down and I could only assume that it was a touch of wheels and the inevitable concertina effect of other riders piling in at 25mph.

A couple of hunderd yards later a ripple went through the peloton that a large Deer had shot across the road into the rider behind me. Iain spotted it before it turned direction out of his path to vector behind him and I can only assume it missed me by a foot at most.

Subsequent laps saw the ambulance on the scene attending to the rider from Luton CC who took the full force of a fast-moving Venison burger. I'm not sure what the final toll on him was but he'll be luckly to get away with just a set of broken ribs.

Back to the race were the OPCC contingent made a few attempts to break away, including our OPCC treasurer coming to the front screaming 'death or glory' and accelerating out of the saddle but his break was rudely interuppted by a tractor. On the last lap the break had gone out to four minutes and the peloton sat up to await the bunch sprint for the minor placings. Iain pushed his way to the pointy end two miles from home, a cunning plan or tactical suicide? The final turn from home into the wind and the pace picked up with one KM to go.

Still a little nervous in a bunch sprint I had decided just to cruise those last few hundred meters but as everyone kicked it seemed safer to go forward then have others coming around you.

Final placings of the OPCC contingent but we both finished in the pack. Rather happy with that result myself.

The lesson learnt yesterday, however, is to never underestimate anyone at an LVRC event because the chubby guy in the orange skin suit won!


North Hampshire RC TT
16 August
North Hampshire RC - 25 Mile Time Trial on the Bentley course, near Alton in Hampshire.

On a very windy day that generallly depressed, by quite a margin, the times posted, here are the times for OPCC/OPCC(Bigfoot) which I am recalling from memory as did not note down.

Dave Warne - 59.24
Paul King - 1.01.42
Dave Churchill - 1.01.52
Peter Gray - 1.02.22

These times were none too shabby when viewed against the rest of the times.

Winner (demonstrating the wonders of Yoga and Zen when applied to TTing)

Tejvan Pettinger - 51.29 Sri Chinmoy (who goes brilliantly well whatever the weather which separates the top echelon riders from the rest of us)


Olympic Park LVRC Crit
14 August

Last Thursday I entered the 'Dunton Park Series #8' LVRC event, which had been switched from Dunton Park to the new Olympic Park Road Race circuit by the organisers.

I'd been looking for an opportunity to get there and try this circuit, particularly after Kev reported having a great race (a BC Cycling Legacy Supporters League Event a couple of weeks before). I was not disappointed, even with the rain that had closed in and dropping temperature - 45 riders signed on and all categories (A > G) all released together for 45 minutes + 3 laps.

I actually managed to warm up by riding the wrong way around it, so quickly found myself having to learn-as-I-go in terms of corners the opposite way to how I planned to take the lines, not to say where to push on the rises and postions to hold. No matter, this was going down to (a) first Crit after two weeks in the mountains and (b) learn the circuit for next time.

The wet was a huge factor for me, I've never experienced stinging eyes quite like it and needed to drop back a little simply to get some safe space to rub them and try and get what felt like acid out of them. I did manage it OK, stayed in the bunch and very much enjoyed the terrific sweeping corners (with great traction, even in the wet) at 25mph+. The LVRC riders are generally very safe, better than Cat 4's that can change lines and slow up in the wrong places. We had some of the usual monsters with big legs and power to spare, the pace held high and it was just a question of confidence in close-order racing in the wet into the frequent twists & turns.

I decided to stop my eyes stinging by getting on the front, it worked, and then thought I'd have a go with about 5 minutes remaining - got the usual 100 meters before it just become too much to hold (remember point (a) above - legs just not having 'top end'). I drifted back in, waited for 2 laps remaining and decided to go for one mightly attack from the back - went right up the inside up a sweeping climb to the front in about 300 meters and allow a few to come past, but hold better position for the final sprint. Sort of worked (remember point (a) above) and legs faded - ended up a little towards the back but extremely pleased to have held my own and shown the peleton an OP shirt willing to work on the front and attack.

Can't wait for the next one in the dry!

Iain Hawthorn

Club Kit Stock Level
08 August
Club Kit stock level and prices now updated as of August 8th http://www.oldportlianscc.co.uk/Main/ClubKit.php. Contact Julian  jrhutchings@btinternet.com for orders.

Farnham 25 miles Team Time Trials
03 August
For the uninitiated team time trials on our domestic scene are either, two up, three up ( time counts on the second man over the line ) and four up ( time counts on the third man over the line )
Todays course was the H25/8 Bentley course.
The Old Ports had one four up team consisting of Andrew Green,Gary Blunt,Hugh Pelling andJohn Mulvaney. which I will call team one (T1).
The two ups were: Ian Bashford/Peter Gray,T2, Dave Churchill ( Bigfoot )/Paul King,T3, Dave Warne/Steve Avery, T4.
T1..........1hr 2min 12sec.........avg 24.12 mph

Winners of four up from Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere in 53min 10sec avg 28.21 mph

Two up results

T2 ..........57min 32 sec.........avg 26.1 mph
T2............1hr 0min 8sec.......avg 24.95 mph
T4............58min 29sec.........avg 25.65 mph

The winning duo being from A3CRG with a 50min 28sec.........avg 29.72 mph

SCCU 100 G100/60 - Round and Round we go
27 July

Back at the start of the season I had some fine ambitions of doing a 4.30 in the SCCU 100. Reality had dawned in the recent ESCA 50 when I came in with the 2.15, maybe 4.30 wasn't going to happen, but I nursed dreams of something around the 4.40 mark. Then I saw the course. Hmmm.

This one kicks off as did the SCCU 50 with a run out to Bolney, a trip to Henfield and then onto the A24. I had an early start 6.16 and that meant the traffic hadn't built to much by that stage. It the heads down to Washington, before turning back on a lumpy twisty bit of road through Partridge Green and back onto the A24. We had 41/2 laps like that to do. While I had been on reasonable schedule up to the start of the first lap I was losing a couple of minutes each time I went through. I kept a consistent pace, and was doing a reasonable job of maintaining the heart rate and decent position on the big. I just didn't have the power. I held my own on the A24 but found strong guys spinning past of the return.

Other G100 courses use this for a couple of laps, and I have never found it easy, but with the loss of the course after Southwater this was pretty much the only option. Finished with a 4.50.22 that was some way from where I wanted to be, but as they say its the race of truth. Only one other Port entered today, John Mulvaney and faired much better with a 4.42. That said for those who can it isn't that tough a course. The winner Steve Kane of Brighton Excelsior romped home with a 3.54, which is frankly incredible.

Big thanks to Jacqui Champion who was there to encourage and hand me a bottle, and another big thanks to Sam Ramsey of Lewes Wanderers. Sam had been clever enough to park his car near the finish, and generous enough to offer me a lift back to the HQ, sparing me an extra 4 miles I didn't need. Anyway, glad its done, and kind of accepting that this is a season of rebuilding after two fallow years.

Andy Green

2014 Track Championships Photos
21 July
Paul C's pix of the afternoon now showing in the gallery

Summer BBQ - Cancelled
13 July
Due to a particularly bad weather forecast for Sunday, the OPCC BBQ has had to be cancelled.
Iain Hawthorn

Racing Roundup and News
16 June

Lots of OPCC in action over the last few days. Individual accounts can be viewed by scrolling down but this weekends roll call of honour.

Dave Warne showing a superfandango performance up at Newmarket with a blistering time of 54:37 at an average of 27.46 MPH over a 25 course

Bash and Duvet in action on the G25/89 Maresfield parcour recording respectable times on a blustery day on my most favourite of courses.

Iain Hawthorn found himself off the front of a road race for a few laps and was obviously savouring the spot light of the solo breakaway until swept up unceremoniously by the pelaton just a few laps from the line.

But we reserve the biggest kudos for Andy Green and Say Leddington who took on the Raid Pyrenean and WON.


Southborough and District Wheelers 25
15 June
This mid-season performance monitoring event took place on course G25/89 on the A22.

2 riders from our club entered, Ian Bashford and Paul King (Bashers and Duvet in OPCC tongue). The course runs south from Maresfield to turn at the Boship RAB about 13 miles due south. It's a mix of narrow and quite broad single carriageway with a not too bad surface, mostly. The terrain rolls but nothing on it to stall you, if you are going OK enough to roll a gear or nick it down one and spin over the crest of the climbs and drags.

Yesterday was quite blowy and hard to tell exactly where it was in your favour, but leaving you under no illusions when it wasn't!! While certainly not a gale, the wind put Duvet in mind of some annoying bloke picking a fight with you by, jabbing, poking and pushing at you, constantly provoking you to push back, which of course Duvet and Bashers duly took pleasure in doing. Bashers was marginally more the pugilist yesterday, but Duvet still had a good dig!

The conditions were reflected in the winner's time which was a short 54.06 by Phil Allen (long 52s and 53s are the usual top times on this course and Peter Tadros has done a 51.02 I think). Behind him were 2 54s and then a bit of a gap to the rest of the field with middling 55s downwards (Christian Yates and Iain Brogden were mid to long 55s).

With that in mind Bashers time of 1.00.20 (16/59) and Duvet's time of 1.01.40 ( 27/59 ) were none too shabby. Quite respectable in fact and a good indicator of more good times to come from the both of them. Duvet's time was a course PB by 2 minutes. To be within 6 minutes of on form riders like Yates and Brogden in a 25 on a course and on a day like that, is a nice place to be at this point in anyone's season.

Next week, the 3 man OPCC TT circus (Bashers, Duvet and Warney 54) is performing down at Molash, near Canterbury, with another dose of single carriageway time racing and local rubbish course PB bagging (we hope).


API Metro E2/25 time trial
14 June
This is a 25 mile tt that starts in Newmarket, heads south on the A14/A11 to Four Went Ways 12.8 miles then turn and retrace to Newmarket, good road surface, and loads of 70mph lorries to keep you company, no chance of relaxing on this road! It's scary! To say the least, but not a bad day weather wise, the wind was up but it was with me going south, and
not too tough coming back? I think the road is sheltered in places, but saying that I did feel strong and my legs stayed with me to the finish, I'm not going back to this course again this season, I had a couple of hairy moments with the lorries sounding there hooters and they passed me, hmmmm anyway other than that I enjoyed the moment of a new PB by over 3 minutes, and to finish less than one minute behind Lee Turner of Sigma Sport is good for the morale.

One old port entered.

Dave Warne........................54:37 ave speed ......27:4641 mph
Matt Smith.........................48:34.....................30:8853 mph

Dave Warne

Crowhurst Eve TT Inter Club with SERC
12 June
Another lovely evening welcomed us last night, both clubs struggled to put a full team out, SERC only had two riders out,
this was due to holidays so not really a fair contest as we had six riders on the start line, that aside we all took part and
a good time was had by all, next weeks return meeting with the SERC has been postponed for a couple of weeks due to
holidays so Les Humphrey will advise on a new date next week.
Thanks to Oz and Dave Mercer for doing the timing and pushing off duties, also the old ports team for making this an event.

Gary blunt..................37:18 ...........1
Colin Derrick...............39:29.............SERC
Paul Cloudsdale...........35:13 ...........2
Mike Gibbons..............36:01..............SERC
Steve Avery ...............32:29............4
David Churchill ...........32:18............5 Bigfoot
Dave Warne................31:25............6

Keith Lea ..................31:10. Addiscombe CC
Tom Seller.................32:38
Dave Warne

Race Report - Surrey League
12 June
Thursday evening saw my second visit to the wonderful Newchapel circuit, on a very warm and breezy evening, looking forward to another fast and challenging 30 mile handicap race. The race was put on by the 34 Nomads, so a couple of friendly faces of two ex OP's, Stuart Hourigan & Phil Watkins offered much encouragement for a good ride.

Strangely the handicapping system decided four Cat 4 riders would be set off ahead of a second Cat 4 bunch, with the usual Cat 3 group ahead of the E/1/2's. I was in the four first Cat 4 riders, not quite sure how we would stay out with a bunch able to move so much quicker. Rather 'negatively', two of my four immediately sat up leaving me with an Oxted CC rider making a little headway through-and-off. One and a half laps in, I dropped him as he wasn't willing to dig in and basically make any effort to stay away.

So, in true OP style and sensing an opportunity of my life, I went for it and soloed as hard as I could - fortunately no slowing into corners was helpful and occasional shouts from the spectators added motivation to the pain. Unfortunately coming out of a corner on lap two, the lead car (driven by Stuart Hourigan) was forced to stop by a tractor turning left out of his farm and onto our side of the road. I was therefore also forced to stop, swear my head off, then get going again - at the point the Oxted guy rolled around the corner and once again decided he wouldn't two-up with me - so I set off on my solo effort, part two. Stuart did drop back a little to allow me some time to regain my time advantage, but he obviously wasn't able to provide me with any serious favours.

I think just before lap 5 I was swept up, so I was able to get some recovery in the peloton and sit in waiting for the final lap.

And what a final lap it was - I made the move of my life out of the first corner seeking a particular riders wheel (this guy finished 4th last time and mentioned his tactics to me in the car park). My strategy was to simply get on his wheel out of that corner and hang onto it, he was planning to 'go for it' just by a small bridge and cane it to the line. Just hang onto it, that's all I had to do.

I didn't. The best move of my life rapidly turned into the worst move of my life as the inside line slowed and I basically drifted onto the front of the peloton. Bugger, never EVER the place you want to be as everyone will sit in to store up energy for the sprint at the exact point I'm expending it. I tried switching off the racing line, back onto the racing line, back off it again...to try and force someone into coming past me. Did they hell - I was left to suffer.

So I tried to slow enough to get some recovery myself and then adopt my new friends strategy - go for it at the bridge. I went, promptly had my legs full up with lactic acid and the entire group swept past me and I finished at the back of the bunch. Heart Rate average was 179, peaking at 189 in the final dig, and average speed of 25.3 mph against the peloton average of 26 mph.

For 20 minutes I dreamt I would solo for a win and Cat 3. For 10 seconds I thought my time had come.

It will sometime soon...hopefully on the 10th July, when it's back to Newchapel if anyone would like to come...a great circuit!

Iain Hawthorne

OPCC Open 25 Pix
03 June

Now available in the gallery Gallery by selecting '2014 Open 25' from the Album menu or click here to view directly.

Thanks to Paul 'Snapper' Cloudsdale for the camera work


Brighton Mitre CC 10 miles TT G10/97
25 May
G10/97, not my favourite 10 course, it's on the A283 Steyning bypass. Steyning to the Shoreham underpass roundabout, basically 5.35 miles in a south easterly direction and 4.65 miles back. An undulating course I think would be an apt description and today a reasonably strong south easterly was blowing and to add to things to think about a lot of standing water! It made for a challenging first 5 miles, but with the hope of a tail wind coming back, you just dug in! However this did not seem to materialise, well I didn't notice it anyway :D

Old Ports entered:-
Ian Bashford.................23min 56sec............Avg 25.07mph ( Pipped by a young 55 year old in my age category as well, so dipped out on my bottle of plonk!!)

The winner was Pete Tadros, In Gear Quickvit in 21min 38sec, avg 27.74mph

Other rider of interest is Dave Churchill, riding for Bigfoot Bikes ( 2nd claim OPCC ) with a time of 23min 59sec, avg 25.02mph


Farnham Road Club 10 mile TT Course H10/8
24 May
Well, my second TT and I knew a little of what to expect. Most of you will be familiar with the course, no doubt, along the A31 Bentley-by-pass near Lower Foyle in Hampshire. 195ft of climbing, so fairly level and straight up and down the road. I still had tired legs from the previous weekend's 103 miler Castle Ride and a bit stressed from the traffic jambs and tailbacks on the M25 on the way but all I wanted was to better my time last time out and get below the standard veteran 59 time - both achieved with a +0.36 for me with a time of 26.56. 1.09 better than my previous in West Kent. Not fast by most of the Old Ports standards but an improvement for me. I'll have another go on Saturday at the Bec CC 10 and see if I can make some more improvements.

Met Dave Warne there who was a little unlucky with the weather on his run - it hailed on him at the roundabout but he achieved a time of 22.56 - 4 whole minutes in front of me. Very well done Dave 

Winner was Russell Hampton - Team Athlonsport / Cloudnine Telecom with a time of 19.22

David Phillips

Weekend Racing Round up
17 May
Southern Counties Cycling Union 10 miles TT on G10/57 17/5/14

Starts in Rusper Road Horsham, then goes A264/A2220 to turn at Broadfield roundabout near Crawley 4.87miles, then back to finish between Rusper Rd roundabout and Great Daux roundabout.

Four Old Ports entered, Dave Warne, Ian Bashford, Andrew Green and Paul King.

Sadly as the event started at 0630, so did Mr workman, who began coning off all of the inside lane for 800metres of the A264 between Moorhead and Faygate roundabouts, in both directions!!!!

So the event was abandoned at rider number 42, however two of our four were off at earlier times, numbers 5 and 16
Their results:
Dave Warne.....................23min 24sec...........avg 25.64mph
Ian Bashford....................22min 39sec...........avg 26.49mph

No winner as event abandoned!!

High Wycombe CC 25miles TT H25/2 18/5/14

This course is magic, it starts at the top of a hill on the A404, you descend for a mile, then its undulating to the A4, turn west onto the A4, single carriageway, more ups and downs to turn at Sonning junction roundabout then back to finish at the bottom of the first descent. A quick course!!
A beautiful sunny morning greeted three Old Ports, although a little chilly I might add to the really early starters
Anyway results in order of starting;

Ian Bashford...................56min 46sec................avg 26.42mph
Peter Gray.....................58min 52sec................avg 25.48mph. ( first time ever under the hour for a 25, bloody marvellous   )
Paul King.......................59min 02sec................avg 25.41mph ( first time for 20 years to be under the hour, excellent  )

To put our results into perspective the winner Adam Topham, High Wycombe CC did a 48min 47sec, avg 30.75mph and a new course record.
It is such a shame that this course is to be lost this year


Race Roundup from the weekend
27 April

Another race packed Sunday for the OPCC gang. Our Gladiators lined in several different disciplines and locations carrying the flag for the club. Here's the roll call of honour.

Addiscombe CC 25 Mile TT - G25/53

Ian Bashford............01:01:12
Paul King..................01:04:47
Andy Green..............01:05:20

Read Andy's race report here Race Report

Iain Hawthorn wearing the red,black and white in Medway Velo Crits - Kent Cyclopark, unfortunatley unplaced due to a crash in a group in front.

David Phillips took on the challenge of the Wiggles upz and downz sportive covering over 100 miles and climbing nearly 6,000ft in the process

Jonathan Gough was on duty in Wales for the three counties road race.

Jonathan Grant was visiting Chaucer country putting in 65 miles around the Kentish countryside on the KM Cycle Challenge Sportive



De Ver Cycle Uphill TT race report
24 April
Part of the De Ver training camp includes a short TT which goes up a Cat 4 climb, the stats for the hill does not justify just how hard you have to work. FJ went out in the morning to examine the course and reported back strong head\side winds all the way up, the wind strength being reported at 30MPH. FJ decided not to ride the course and took his family on site seeing excursion.

So it was left to Rosie, Pete, Sally and myself to represent the OPCC, this being Sally maiden TT she was suffering from the jitters at the start, Rosie being a more experience cyclist was ready for the off. Pete and myself talked about the best option (pushing a gear or high cadence), and that the road surface reminded us of the Flanders cobbles, we both agreed it was going to be painful.

Provisional Result 4th place Rosie, 5th place Sally (12 women entered) Steve 5th Pete 6th (20 Men entered) times to follow

Now off to the beach to rest and prepare for the next two days

OPCC team reporting back from Lanzorate
Steve Avery