Exodus Travels Vets' League #3
21 June
The thirsts of the spectators seated in the sunny pavilion on this hot and humid evening were sated by the cool craft beers and ciders from Canopy Brewery and artisan coffee by Volcano. Meanwhile the hot and humid riders did their level best to ignore that and get on with what was to prove another great meeting and round 3 of the Exodus Travels Vets' League at Herne Hill Velodrome.

Vino and Michael (come on other Old Ports - where art thou?) representing the club with Vino getting off to a great start with 5th in the Scratch Race. Next up were the Kierin Sprint heats with Nigel getting across the line in the first 3 to qualify for the finals. Michael could only achieve 4th place in his group so was eliminated and took whatever solace Canopy could offer over in the pavilion.

The photo (credit Lianna Fowler) of Vino in number 1 position behind the derny being paced up to 50kph before the derny pulls off launching the bunch into a 300m sprint for the line, Vino going on to gain 5th place in the final. Looking strong all evening he then took 4th place in the Unknown Distance race. Michael gained some 2nd place intermediate sprint points during the Points Race but not enough for an overall position but had a lovely evening nonetheless.

Thanks to Lianna for cheering the OP riders on, and also to Ian Parkinson, Gino and FHHV team for another well organised meet. Next round Saturday 8 July 7pm.

Michael Fowler
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